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Hello DIY enthusiasts and garden gurus! Ready to give your outdoor (and maybe indoor) spaces a rustic makeover? Our reclaimed railway sleepers at Sutton Building Supplies are here to help. With high-quality oak ‘A’ Grade sleepers and versatile softwood ‘B’ Grade sleepers in stock, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s explore creative ways to use these sleepers that are both practical and fun!

Raised Garden Beds

Turn your gardening dreams into reality with raised beds made from our robust sleepers. They’re perfect for growing veggies, flowers, or herbs. Plus, raised beds make gardening easier on your back and knees. Customise the height and length to fit your space perfectly.

  • Design and Construction: Use sleepers to create the walls of your raised bed. Stack them to your desired height and secure them with rebar or long screws for stability.
  • Benefits: Raised beds improve soil drainage, extend the growing season, and help keep pests at bay.
  • Customisation: Paint or stain the sleepers to match your garden’s aesthetic. Add trellises or hoops for climbing plants or shade cloth.

Garden Pathways

Create charming pathways that lead guests through your garden with our reclaimed sleepers. Lay them flat for a rustic walkway that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. It’s an easy way to add structure and style to your outdoor space.

  • Layout and Installation: Plan your pathway design and mark it out. Lay the sleepers flat along the path, ensuring they are level and secure.
  • Versatility: Combine sleepers with gravel, mulch, or stepping stones to create a unique and durable pathway.
  • Maintenance: Use weed fabric underneath the sleepers to prevent weed growth and make maintenance easier.

Retaining Walls

Tame those troublesome slopes in your garden by building retaining walls with our oak sleepers. They’re strong, durable, and add a natural aesthetic to your landscaping. Retaining walls are perfect for creating terraces and managing soil erosion.

  • Construction: Dig a trench for the foundation, place the sleepers horizontally, and secure them with rebar driven through drilled holes.
  • Functionality: Retaining walls help manage water runoff, prevent soil erosion, and create flat areas for planting or seating.
  • Aesthetic: Add caps to the top of the wall for a finished look and incorporate steps or planters into the design.

Outdoor Seating

Need more seating for outdoor gatherings? Craft benches and seating areas with our sleepers. They’re sturdy enough to handle any party and add a rustic touch to your garden. Just add some comfy cushions, and you’re set!

  • Bench Design: Use sleepers to create the base and backrest of the bench. Secure them with screws or bolts for stability.
  • Customisation: Sand the sleepers for a smooth finish and add weather-resistant cushions for comfort.
  • Placement: Position benches around a fire pit, along garden paths, or under a pergola for a cosy seating area.

Garden Steps

Build beautiful, functional steps with our sleepers to connect different levels of your garden. Whether you have a sloped yard or just want to add some interest, sleeper steps are a durable and attractive solution.

  • Construction: Excavate the area for each step, place the sleepers horizontally, and secure them with rebar or screws.
  • Safety: Ensure each step is level and secure to prevent tripping hazards. Consider adding a handrail for additional safety.
  • Aesthetic: Integrate the steps with surrounding plants and garden features for a cohesive look.

Planters and Flower Beds

Get creative with planters! Use our softwood sleepers to construct custom flower beds and planters. They’re perfect for adding greenery to patios, decks, and even balconies. Paint or stain them to match your style.

  • Design: Build rectangular or square planters using sleepers as the sides and base. Secure them with screws or brackets.
  • Versatility: Create tiered planters for a dynamic display or use sleepers to edge existing flower beds.
  • Maintenance: Line the inside of the planters with landscape fabric to prolong their life and prevent soil leakage.

Pergolas and Arbours

Add some vertical interest to your garden by building pergolas or arbours with our reclaimed sleepers. These structures provide support for climbing plants and create shady spots perfect for relaxing.

  • Construction: Use sleepers for the vertical posts and horizontal beams. Secure them with brackets and bolts for stability.
  • Functionality: Pergolas and arbours provide shade, support climbing plants, and create a focal point in the garden.
  • Customisation: Add curtains, lights, or hanging planters to personalise your pergola or arbour.

Edging and Borders

Define the borders of your garden beds and pathways with our sleepers. They help keep everything neat and tidy while adding a rustic edge to your garden design. Perfect for separating grass from flower beds.

  • Installation: Dig a shallow trench along the desired edge, place the sleepers vertically or horizontally, and secure them in place.
  • Versatility: Use sleepers to edge flower beds, lawns, or paths. Combine them with other materials like gravel or mulch for a polished look.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check the sleepers for stability and make adjustments as needed to maintain a clean edge.

Outdoor Furniture

Why not try your hand at building some unique outdoor furniture? Our oak sleepers are perfect for crafting tables, chairs, and even outdoor bars. Impress your friends with your DIY skills and enjoy your custom-made furniture for years to come.

  • Table Construction: Use sleepers as the tabletop and legs. Secure them with screws or brackets for stability.
  • Seating: Build matching benches or chairs with sleeper frames and add comfortable cushions.
  • Bar Design: Construct a rustic outdoor bar with sleeper counters and storage shelves for drinks and supplies.

Outdoor Kitchens

Create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space with an outdoor kitchen built from our reclaimed railway sleepers. These versatile sleepers can be used to construct everything from the kitchen framework and seating to countertops and storage units.

  • Kitchen Framework: Use sturdy oak sleepers to build the foundational structure of your outdoor kitchen. Their durability ensures a solid base that can support grills, ovens, and other kitchen appliances.
  • Countertops and Prep Areas: Design beautiful and functional countertops using smooth, sanded sleepers. They provide ample space for food preparation and serving, making your outdoor kitchen both practical and stylish.
  • Storage Solutions: Maximise your outdoor kitchen’s efficiency with built-in storage units made from sleepers. Store utensils, cookware, and grilling supplies neatly within easy reach, keeping your cooking area organised and clutter-free.
  • Custom Features: Get creative with custom features like herb planters integrated into your kitchen design. Grow fresh herbs right next to your prep area for an added touch of convenience and flavour in your cooking.

Wow, there you have it – fantastic ways to use reclaimed railway sleepers in your garden and home. At Sutton Building Supplies, we have a great stock of both oak and softwood sleepers ready to kickstart your next project.

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