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Ric’s Test Half Glass Potting Shed

Elevate your garden with our elegant Potting Sheds, perfect for plant care and tool storage. Ideal for gardening enthusiasts.

  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Handcrafted in Great Britain from sustainably managed timber
  • Walls built from 12mm tongue and groove shiplap on a 47mm frame.
  • Weatherproof 12mm tongue and groove floor and roof.
  • Lockable stable door, toughened glass windows, optional half-glass roof.
  • Includes a full-length potting bench.
  • Includes FREE Delivery and Installation!

£5,999.00 Ex. VAT


Additional information

Introducing our premium Potting Sheds, the quintessential choice for gardening enthusiasts looking for a blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Each shed in our range is meticulously handcrafted in Great Britain, reflecting not just a commitment to quality but also to elegant design.

Shed Construction and Materials

Our potting sheds are constructed with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding, ensuring robustness and longevity. This is securely mounted on a sturdy 47mm frame, offering unmatched stability and strength. The choice of materials signifies our dedication to providing products that withstand the test of time.

Wooden Flooring

The base of our sheds features a standard 12mm tongue and groove matching, fixed to 47mm x 47mm pressure-treated floor joists. For those seeking an upgrade, we offer a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant 18mm V313 Caberboard flooring. This upgrade is standard for larger sheds, ensuring a solid and durable foundation.


Attention to detail extends to the roof, constructed from 15mm finished tongue and groove matching on sturdy roof bearers. Covered with a heavy-duty polyester-based roofing felt, it guarantees weatherproofing and durability. Unique to our range is the option of a half-glass roof in the Half Glass Potting shed models, designed to maximize natural light, crucial for plant growth.


The walls are made from the same high-quality 12mm finished tongue & groove shiplap, fixed to a combination of 47mm x 47mm & 47mm x 22mm finished framework. An optional upgrade to a 15mm Tongue & groove loglap is available, offering an additional layer of insulation and a distinct aesthetic.

Secure Doors and Windows

Each potting shed features a 0.76m wide by 1.82m tall box stable door, equipped with a secure rimlock and a stylish black knob handle. The windows, made of 3mm toughened glass for safety, provide ample light and visibility. The front of the building boasts a double depth window, with additional double depth fixed windows on each end panel. The number of windows varies with the size of the building, designed to ensure maximum light and ventilation.


The internal eaves height of our sheds starts at 1.82m, rising to a ridge height of up to 2.31m in the largest models. This generous spacing ensures comfortable movement inside the shed. Extra height options are available, and all standard buildings comply with the 2.5m maximum height restriction for ease of planning.

Treatment and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of the wood, our buildings are treated both internally and externally with a spirit-based preservative. This treatment protects against fungi, woodworm, and blue stain. We recommend retreating the buildings within 6 months and then annually for continuous protection.

Customisation and Design Options

We offer various design layouts including Pent and Apex options, each with distinct features catering to different needs. The sheds can also be customized with a painted finish, allowing you to match them to your garden’s aesthetic.


We stand behind our craftsmanship with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Our Potting Sheds are more than just storage spaces; they are a haven for gardeners to nurture their plants and indulge in their passion. With ample space, thoughtful design, and customizable options, these sheds are the perfect addition to any garden, combining practicality with style.

Customer Reviews

“I bought the Georgian Pent shed, and it’s perfect for my gardening needs. The space is ample, and the toughened glass windows bring in so much light. Plus, it’s stood up well to the British weather!”

Emily Clarke, Wroxham

“The Woodford shed has transformed my outdoor space! It’s both functional and stylish. The double doors are a great feature, allowing easy access for larger items. Definitely a great value for the price.”

Sophie Williams, North Walsham

“Delighted with my Classic Apex shed! It’s not only sturdy but also adds a charming touch to my garden. The installation was seamless, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!”

Mr A. Jones, Stalham

Shed Installation

Professional Shed Installation Service Available to our Norfolk Customers

Need a shed building in Norfolk? We offer a professional installation service. Quick, efficient assembly by our experienced team, ensuring your shed is perfectly set up and ready to use. Please contact us for installation prices for our standard and custom Albany shed range.

Important: Installation Terms & Information

Timber garden building and greenhouse installation charges 2024

  • All prices quoted are solely for guidance only a verbal or written estimate will be given and must be agreed prior to work commencing.
  • Prices quoted for installation are on a maximum of 10 miles from Stalham. An additional charge of €1.20 per mile maybe incurred to cover cost outside the area. Please contact me on the number shown above to confirm the cost and a timescale for your particular installation

Terms and conditions

Installation on customers pre-pared clear and level base

  1. All prices quoted on this leaflet are solely for guidance only. A writen or verbal estimate must be agreed prior to the work commencing of work is required.
  2. All prices quoted are for installation upto a maximum of a 10 miles of Stalham an additional £1.10 per mile thereafter to cover cost.
  3. The site must be clear and level with at least 1⁄2 meter area to work around the building unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Any additional work in clearing the site will be advised at the time of installation and cost agreed prior to starting work (no allowance made for skips or carting of soil and waste from site)
  5. It is the customer responsibility to mark out clearly the position of the site prior to the installation of the building otherwise we will proceed as we see fit or abort the installation. Any return visit will ineur a £55.00 surcharge .
  6. Payment by cash or cheque or banks transfer to the fitter on completion of the works unless otherwise agreed.

DIY Shed Construction - We're Here if You Need Advice, Tools, or Materials

Going DIY with your shed? We’ve got you covered. Purchase quality tools and materials from us for your project. Plus, benefit from free expert advice every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.

Shed Delivery

Free Delivery

Sheds from Albany can be delivered free of charge to addresses within North Norfolk. We can deliver to other parts of Norfolk, but please call first as additional charges may apply. Please read the additional information below.

Important: Delivery Terms & Information
  • Access to your garden: Please bear in mind that not all building sections will fit through a standard doorway or go round sharp corners. Please check site access with your retailer if you are unsure. Larger sections may be manufactured in more than one piece for handling purposes.
  • Delivery time: Many of our products are made to order so please allow sufficient time when ordering if you require your building for a certain date. Our busiest time is spring and summer so please alow extra time if ordering during this period. Your local distributor can advise approximate delivery time.
  • We ask if you can provide a clean walk way to base of the shed as we do not supply our drivers any dust sheets to walk on. We can not be held responsible for any mud left on the floor of the building.
  • We cannot take down or remove old sheds. Please arrange this prior to our arrival.

Click & Collect

Order your shed online and pick it up from our Sutton site. See our ‘Find Us‘ page for a map and directions.

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Why choose a shed from Sutton's?

We're a local business

At Sutton’s we have been serving customers from our Norfolk yard for over 70 years. Over that time the business has been solely owned and operated by two generations of the Makepeace family. We are proud of our long standing heritage in the area, and we continue to support the local community and other local small businesses. 

Designed by the Shed Experts

Our sheds are designed by experts to be practical, functional, and durable. Each shed is thoughtfully designed with the user in mind, combining robust construction with a focus on functionality and ease of use.

High Quality Sustainable Materials

Our sheds are constructed from a range of materials, including sustainably sources soft wood and heavy duty polyester based roofing felt. All buildings are treated internally & externally with a spirit based preservative.

UK Manufactured to the Highest Standards

For over 40 years, our manufacturers have been building quality sheds. Each shed undergoes stringent quality control checks, ensuring only the best make it from our factory floor to your garden.

1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Our commitment to excellence is backed by a robust 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a comprehensive 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This ensures your peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Have a Shed Related Question?

Do I need planning permission or consent?
Sheds typically don’t need planning permission if they stay under a maximum height of 2.5 meters. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your local planning authority to ensure compliance with any specific regulations regarding the external heights of buildings in your area.
How are the sheds installed?

Most of our sheds are flatpacked and easy to construct. Alterntaively, our professional team can handle the installation for you. The process is quick and efficient, and we’ll ensure your shed is set up correctly and securely.

What maintenance do the sheds require?
Our sheds are designed for minimal maintenance they come pre-treated. However, you should regard this as a base coat only. Re-treat the shed within 3- 6 months. If you wish to use a coloured paint on your building please either wait three months for the additional treatment to weather. Alternatively you can use a primer to undercoat the shed, and paint on top of that once it’s dry. .
Can I customise my shed?

Absolutely! In fact we offer a complete design your own service where you can build your own shed or workshop to the exact specifications that you want. See our Customisable Sheds page for more details.

Are the sheds suitable for coastal conditions?
Our sheds are constructed from high-quality materials and should by resistant to the salt air and higher humidity. Each shed is treated with a special spirit-based preservative, enhancing its resistance to corrosive elements.
Dose the shed come with a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, we provide a guarantee on all our sheds. The specific terms depend on the shed model and materials used. This guarantee covers structural integrity and rot, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

Shed Assistance Hotline

Have a question that can’t wait? Call our hotline for immediate assistance.

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